Review the book, win a kimono!

I am running a raffle for a beautiful vintage haori- luminous black silk with resist-painted golden, orange, and red bamboo detailed with satin-stitch embroidery dating from the 1960s-1980s. This was imported directly from Japan and has been kept in a smoke-free home protected from dust and dog hair in a locking plastic bin.

How can you get your hands on this beautiful article of Japanese artistry? Simple! Review Seven Times a Woman and leave the link to your review here at this blog entry.

The winner will be selected by random lot from all legitimate entries received on 1 May 2012.

A legitimate entry is constituted by a substantive review in English posted on a blog- personal or professional and/or a review posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, LibraryThing, or any other review or social media site. The review must be linkable and viewable without subscription or payment.  A substantive review is longer than a couple of sentences, so a 5 star review that says “This book rocks!” while awesome, will not qualify for the raffle.

If you have already reviewed the book you are STILL ELIGIBLE, please post your link here!



  1. This is one of the very best books I’ve read. I have a scale that I use to rate writers. Since I read anywhere between 3-10+ books a week depending on how I’m feeling I score writers by how often I want to reread their work. The highest score is 5+. Sara is a 5+ writer. She has never failed me. You wouldn’t believe how often I run across errors or sentences which jar me, but with Sara? Nuthin’! (okay, very rare typing errors but hey, printsetters, ya know?) So, buy one & one for your friends & two for your shelf to lend to other friends that you don’t want to buy one for but you would like to lend one to because you not want to lose your copy!!

  2. Seth T. Niccum
    Mar 25, 2012

    As a Media Developer, Game Designer, and aspiring writer myself, I have worked on and with a number of projects with like minded themes over the years. I have been nothing short of inspired by not only this Novel, but all of Ms. Harvey’s Fantastic works of fiction. Her ability to express, visualize, and define vast worlds and diverse cultures both ancient, and mystical, has been nothing short of vivid, impressive, and often times awe inspiring to say the least.

    Her current novel, “7 Times a Woman” is by far the best piece she has ever written and in many ways rivals other Best-selling Historical Fantasies, such as “A Bridge of Birds”, “Kushiels Dart”, “Young Samurai”, “Mistress of Rome”, and even the now heavily proclaimed “Game of Thrones” series. As a single stand alone novel, this book stands far above the rest, both in content, historical fact, mystery, and very deep, very old, traditional legends of ancient Southern Japan.

    With a gripping “tail” of love split between two paradigms, the storyline details the trials and tribulations of a war torn feudal society, and the woven souls bound to repeat history, time and again, until a lesson was learned. Their desire for justice, retribution, and eternal unrest, is bound into the core cast of characters who will leave you speechless, intrigued, and often in tears, page after page, as you read, and watch within your own mind, this moving story, about love, ambition, revenge, and family honor.

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