“I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends” by Jackie Gamber

Literary Underworld Blog Tour “I Get High with a Little Help from My Friends” by Jackie Gamber, author of Book I and II of the Leland Dragon Series     Yes, we all know what the Beatles meant about getting high with friends, and no, that’s not my interpretation of the title for this blog; the second in a “Friends” series for the Literary Underworld blog tour. A big thank you to Sara for hosting me on her blog!   But what is the Literary Underworld? It’s a consortium of friends–spreading the word, selling books, and helping each other. Purchases help support authors, small presses, artists and other creative folks trying to survive in trying economic times. With categories such as Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Thriller, Paranormal, and...

Committing bloggery!

So this week, a bunch of us at the Literary Underworld are taking a blog tour around the blogosphere to do some blogging! You get the idea. I’ll be posting the link to where I’ve landed but first I’m going to give my slice of cyberspace over to Jackie Gamber! Stay tuned!

I have hacked the UNIVERSE

Ok, I haven’t, but I FEEL like it. Now everyone on EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK I’M ON can get the latest news and updates from me from a single location! I write here at my website and viola! it it posted to Dreamwidth, LJ, Twitter, and Facebook, and also Amazon and Goodreads, too. I AM A CROSSPOSTING GODDESS I’M TELLING YOU! This is me, pleased with myself. *preens* Carry on.

Review the book, win a kimono!

I am running a raffle for a beautiful vintage haori- luminous black silk with resist-painted golden, orange, and red bamboo detailed with satin-stitch embroidery dating from the 1960s-1980s. This was imported directly from Japan and has been kept in a smoke-free home protected from dust and dog hair in a locking plastic bin. How can you get your hands on this beautiful article of Japanese artistry? Simple! Review Seven Times a Woman and leave the link to your review here at this blog entry. The winner will be selected by random lot from all legitimate entries received on 1 May 2012. A legitimate entry is constituted by a substantive review in English posted on a blog- personal or professional and/or a review posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads,...