The Labyrinth of the Dead

Imogen is all that matters.

After rescuing her lover from the forces that trapped her in The Convent of the Pure, Portia Gyony has lost Imogen once again to the darkness that surrounds them. The only way to reunite is to walk through the shadow-worlds of the dead and bring Imogen back to the body that awaits her—a journey no nephilim was meant to take.

Still seeking out the boundaries of her own power, Portia descends into a realm where all trade is in souls and the machinations of the world itself are coming undone. Her quest for Imogen becomes a battle of angels and demons, where clockwork warriors and shattered souls battle to keep the shadows of the dead from bleeding into the land of the living. The cost of saving one world from the other may be the sacrifice of Portia’s lover once again.

Cover and interior art by Melissa Gay


“THE LABYRINTH OF THE DEAD is a sensual, apocryphal nightmare — an exquisite adventure that manages to be both epic and personal, sweet and vicious.”
—Cherie Priest, Hugo Award-nominated author of BONESHAKER, FATHOM, and FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS


  • “The dead want to return to life, but balance must be maintained. The Labyrinth of the Dead tells the story of Portia Gyony, protector of humanity who oversees the border of the shadow world and the world of the living. When his lover tries to crossover he finds himself stuck in a conflict. A unique setting with unique characters, The Labyrinth of the Dead is a fine and exciting fantasy not to be missed.”
    –Midwest Book Review
  • “Harvey uses ancient Judeo-Christian mythology imagery, occult traditions, steampunk gadgetry and her amazing imagination to give the reader scenes that range from the achingly sensual and intimate interludes of long-separated lovers to crossbow bolt firing blood-soaked battles amongst angels and demons.”

Michele Lee

She Never Slept


The Steampunk Chronicle

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The Labyrinth of the Dead

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