Seven Times a Woman

In a mythic reflection of old Japan, the kitsune Rei-Rei is given the seemingly small errand to “tame a dragon” that will part her from her true love, Inari, for lifetimes to come. Reborn through seven lifetimes, Rei-Rei fulfills her pledge, remaining the steadfast love of Sha Tano the Dragon — no matter how many times she is murdered by his dark twin, Kage and his minions. From courtier to courtesan, Rei-Rei comes into each life knowing that her destiny lies with the dragon prince but something deep in her soul sings of another lover in another time. With every incarnation, she pieces together the fragments of her existence and strives to find a way to complete the impossible task and finally go home. When the dark dragon Kage learns of her true nature, he seeks to strike a blow that will destroy his noble brother, and Rei-Rei, forever.


Cover art by Reynan Sanchez


Seven Times a Woman is a innovative fable of love and redemption.  –Jacqueline Carey


Judy Black Cloud

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Seven Times A Woman

Seven Times a Woman

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