Wearable Art

So, technically this is fashion, but with wearable art, costume and fashion intersect! Primarily, I create these one-of-a-kind pieces for the Discarded to Divine “recycled couture” annual charity auction in San Francisco. But I have been known to be inspired by other things as well.


One of those other things was for Catherynne Valente’s Orphan’s Tales art project. Cat, herself, actually bought this jacket and I am truly honored that she did!

Called “Beneath the Willow,” it is one of my proudest accomplishments in clothing design.



Yes, that’s writing on the interior. It is the section of the “story-within-the-story” of the first book, Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden.


 Discarded to Divine

2007 Crazy-Quilt Patchwork Kimono, made from men’s shirts


2008¬†“The caravansary jacket,” made from women’s pants


2009 “Mondrian Nouveau,” made from a duvet cover and LOTS of fabric paint













2010 Egyptian 1920s Cocoon Coat, made from men’s silk trousers and other assorted silk items



This one had an issue with the way the pattern was written which resulted in the pleats hanging the wrong way. And I wasn’t in a position where I could fix it without completely wrecking the whole thing. It looked much better on a size 18 for which it was intended than on this size 10 draping mannequin. I also finished this while I had the Swine Flu. (I sprayed it out with Lysol before I turned it in for the auction!)