Me and Mr. Peterman

So, in case you haven’t heard, I entered one of my favorite wearable art pieces into J. Peterman’s Talent Show.

The grand prize is $3,000 or so, but that isn’t as important as the bragging rights.

To that end, I drummed up 400+ page views and a handful of comments, far more than the rest of my competition. Will that much attention help bring me to the attention of the judges out of hundreds (if not thousands) of entries? I don’t know but it was worth a shot.

I’d love thank everyone for their support, it means a lot that y’all are so eager to see and help me succeed.  I have been a fan of J. Peterman from the start, before the whole Seinfeld thing. I have dreamed to either writing or designing for them. So I hope you can understand that for me to have any kind of recognition for my clothing item by them means the whole damn universe to me. So, thank you.

I’ll hear back from them in a couple of weeks, when they either call/email me or they post the list of winners which doesn’t include me.

Please keep your fingers crossed, I hope that some of those 400 views were some very impressed judges!

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