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Where’s the Books?

Nashville has a TV show, reality shows, movies, and, of course, countless records to its name…but where are the BOOKS set in Music City? Anne Rice made New Orleans famous for vampires, Laurel K. Hamilton did the same for St. Louis. You can find genre novels galore about New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta…but what about Nashville? Doesn’t Nashville have magic, too? Of course it does.

In her novel, Music City, author Sara M. Harvey has created the enchanted version of Nashville where the Muses inspire and faerie magic underscores every note sung in this town. This smart and funny urban fantasy focuses on Nashville’s rich music heritage as well as giving readers an inside glimpse of what makes the city so vibrant and enthralling. And also answers the question of what happens when a banshee, an Irish faerie with the power to sing open the gates between life and death, comes to Music City…she gets a record contract, of course!

Keela O’Reardon is a banshee with a relationship problem. Keela makes the mistake of dating a mortal boy under the watch of the O’Neil clan who is way out of her league. Needless to say, as with most mortal-fae romantic entanglements, this one does not end well. Michael O’Neil winds up dead and Keela is sent on a seemingly-hopeless quest to recover a lost banshee song in order to save him. She lands in Nashville and the city finds her as charming as she finds it. But not everyone is as helpful as they seem and Keela needs to stay focused on her task. That’s difficult with the allure of fame and fortune tempting her. And it’s going to take every bit of magic (and wits!) Keela has within her to finish her quest. But is she willing to save her lover at the cost of undermining Nashville’s own musical magic?

Sara M. Harvey wants to give Nashville its rightful place among magical cities in America. If you agree that Nashville needs to be represented in the urban fantasy genre with a wonderful series of its very own, written with love by a local, then you need to head on out and buy yourself a copy today!



If you would like more information on Music City or would like to schedule an interview with Sara please email sara@saramharvey.com or tweet her @saraphina_marie

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